Funeral Policies

Having funeral insurance is of utmost importance in todays economic landscape. Anré Funerals teamed up with various underwriters to underwrite and produce three standard funeral insurance products which we can offer our community. These products have been designed to translate into real value when needed and is affordable for everyone. Please view the basic specifications of each product below, simply by clicking on the policy name below to expand the details. Should you require a funeral cover not included below, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we may discuss your individual requirements.

  • Please find below the basic information about the funeral policies we have on offer. Click on the policy name to view.


SINGLE COVER - Single parent with or without children

Main member Between ages 14 - 65.

Cover                Monthly premium

R5000-00              R40

R7000-00              R46

R8000-00              R49

R9000-00              R52

R10 000-00           R55


Main member between ages 14-65.

Cover               Monthly premium

R5000-00              R44

R7000-00              R52

R8000-00              R56

R9000-00              R60

R10 000-00           R64

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Any person between the ages of 65 and 85 can apply for this policy.

Premium per month - R80-00.

Cover Option 1: - Complete funeral or cremation

We will provide a complete funeral which includes the following:

  • A specified coffin.
  • Service fee.
  • Registration of death at home affairs.
  • Grave or cremation fee to a maximum of R3000.
  • Doctors fees (if applicable).
  • Coffin Wreath.
  • Cross with engraved nameplate for gravesite. (if applicable)
  • Hearse.
  • Gravesite equipment.
  • All administration fees.
  • 100 Full colour funeral pamphlets.

Cover Option 2:

  • An amount of R5000-00 payable to the beneficiary.

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COMPLETE FUNERAL - Premium per month R40-00.

Conducting of service with one of 3 specified coffins.

Funeral will include:

  • Removal of deceased. (Transportation of deceased from place of death to our mortuary facility)
  • Registration of death at home affairs.
  • All administration fees.
  • Preparation of deceased.
  • Conducting of service.
  • Coffin wreath. (uniformity with senior pensioner policy)
  • Wooden cross with engraved nameplate for gravesite.
  • Hearse and church trolley.
  • Grave site equipment.
  • Sound system at grave.
  • 100 Full colour progams.
  • 50km Radius transport cost.

Also a cash payout:

  • R1500-00 cash paid out to the family within 8 hours after receipt of all valid claim documentation.

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